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chief complaint: hip pain

A 48 year old woman barber, healthy and active, complained of left hip pain of 2 years duration. She described the pain as a deep, strong ache that came and went. The patient rated her pain as 10+/10 on a pain scale from 0-10 where 0 represents no pain at all and 10 represents the worst pain imaginable. It was worse at night, interfering with sleep, and with periods of inactivity. It was better with exercise and with moist heat, for example when she took hot showers or soaked in a jacuzzi. As her pain worsened, the patient had to discontinue her step aerobics class, walking, and many other normal activities. The medical diagnosis was muscle tightness. Previous treatments had all been somewhat helpful, including over the counter pain medications, muscle relaxants, and a course of physical therapy.

Treatment for this patient was 5 acupuncture sessions, first at weekly intervals and then less frequently. The patient reported good pain relief after each session, with pain remaining on the scale about 3-4/10. After periods of increased activity, the pain returned but was not as severe. She had a period of extreme pain after straining to pick up a grandchild, which was resolved by another session. This woman was able to resume her active lifestyle. Treatment procedures included ear and body acupuncture, moxabustion, and magnets. Treatment cost was about $300.

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