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Case Studies

We have collected a number of case studies of people who have benefited from acupuncture treatment. You can browse through our cases for ones that may interest  you. From the following lists, you  may select a chief complaint to see a related case.

system chief complaint
stress anxiety (1)
stress anxiety (2)
pain migraine headache
pain tension headache
pain facial pain (tic doulereux)
pain neck & shoulder pain
pain neck pain
pain shingles
pain hip pain
pain joint pain
pain low back (1)
pain low back (2)
women’s health menopause
women’s health heavy periods
women’s health Bells Palsy postpartum
women’s health abdominal pain 
digestive Crohn’s disease
serious.illness stroke rehabilitation
ent/respiratory allergies & sinus congestion
ent/respiratory Meniere’s disease

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